Mudejar World Heritage
Torralba de Ribota Torralba de Ribota

In 2001 UNESCO declared the Mudejar architecture in Aragon as World Heritage. Amongst other buildings, the tower, the apse and cloister of the Santa María de Calatayud collegiate church, the church of Santa Tecla at Cervera de la Cañada and the church of Santa María at Tobed, are all exceptional and should not be missed. The Mudejar style is the art executed by the Moslems who decided to remain in Spain after the Christian conquest, conserving their religion and customs and working for the Christians. In Aragon, this was the art of the XII to the XVII centuries. You can recognise it by the use of materials such as brick and plaster and by the intricate geometrical adornment on its walls and towers, decorated with ceramics and brick friezes. Thanks to the OPEN MUDEJAR Programme you can learn about Mudejar architecture in the region of Calatayud. If you telephone 675 695 320 you can arrange a free visit to any church in the 67 villages of the region.