Dear Internet User, As President of the Region of Calatayud, I have the honour of presenting the tourist web page about our Region and of welcoming you to it. This web is a useful, efficient tool for all those who wish to get to know our territory in more detail. With its natural assets and its art heritage, you will see that it is a unique, quite exceptional area.

You will find all the tourist resources in the 67 municipalities throughout the Calatayud Region in this portal. Using its content, you will become familiar with our wealthy artistic and natural heritage because you can enter, just with one click, into all the information concerning monuments, archaeological sites, museums, castles, palaces and traditional buildings, and at the same time explore the banks of our rivers, the hills and woods, the fauna and flora, etc. We have enhanced all of this by different suggestions for sporting activities, festivals and cultural events which make this Region the ideal place to spend both leisure and free time.

By bringing this web page up to date, the Region has demonstrated that it keeps apace with the new technologies and the latest computer resources. Our intention to make contact internationally is evident from the translations into French and English. Finally, our aim is to provide you with special information on everything you ought to visit in our territory, in the certainty that the offer of accommodation, restaurants and local festivals presented here will leave you more than satisfied. You will witness our splendid renowned hospitality, which will make you feel at home during your visit.

Welcome to the Region of Calatayud.